Makeup and outfits

With the increased importance of makeup in the lives of modern woman, the makeup artists  have introduced different styles to make you look more beautiful. Smokey eyes, bold lips, cat eyes, winged liner and much more. But many people either overdo these looks because of lack of idea about what goes with what. I thought of doing this post to share a few things with you what beauty experts suggests  in sporting these looks

Smokey Eyes

The most favorite look by  all beauty lovers. It can turn a plain Jane to a show stealer! But Smokey eyes are not for every occasion. Usually Smokey eyes are apt for night outs and night parties. Also, Smokey eyes should be paired with simple or monochrome outfits. Too many loud prints will kill the look by diverting the focus. When you are sporting a Smokey eye look, keep rest of  the makeup simple to give prominence to eyes. It’e better to keep the accessories also minimum, you can wear a statement piece though.

Fuchsia lips

This is really a bold look. Everyone can carry it if did wisely. The trick is to focus only on the lips whereas eye makeup should be minimal. You can wear a well kohled eyes or even a nude eye shadow but focus should not be shifted from the lips. For a much pronounced look, you can wear a same color blush too. When you choose outfit with this look, there should be given great care. Not all colors go well with this. Black, white,cream or navy colored outfits goes well with this look.

Winged liner

Winged Eyes


Winged Liner

This is a simple look but very tricky one to get. You should line your eyes neatly with a steady hand. You can carry bold lips with this look. To make the liner more prominent you can wear a matte black eyeshadow over the liner to give more intensity. You can wear lip colors in deep red, burgundy, deep plum  etc with this look. This look goes well with solid colored outfits.

Cat eyes


Cat eyes

Cat eyes look beautiful with nude lips. Each one has a different eye shape so getting the cat eyes right is a bit of work. And most importantly the liner should look same in both eyes. You can make cat eyes using black or dark brown eyeliner. Usually pen or liquid types of liners give more control to make a perfect look. This look is usually sported more in Halloween Parties.


Finally, if you plan to wear an outfit with lot of colors or bold prints, keep the accessories and makeup minimum. The idea is that the outfit and makeup should not battle with each other to get the focus. Make sure that the makeup compliments the outfit you are wearing. Or else, you will end up looking like a decorated christmas tree!

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