Celebrity Makeup Disasters

We all look upto them for ideas in fashion or makeup. They are our fashion icon. But what if they go wrong? Well, that’s also possible. After all, they are human!

Let’s see some pictures of celebrities when they went wrong with their makeup. Just for fun…

I don’t know whether she’s looking for mother roles!

Kim reminds of Porcupine with her false eye lashes

Yes, I told you she wants to do mother or grandma roles!

Is that a photo, I thought it’s a pencil sketch! Was she auditioning for a horror movie as a ghost?

Bipasha sent someone else to buy makeup for her! Atleast send someone who has same skin tone next time Babe!

See how you can get everything wrong in makeup with a funny hair style

I am really laughing seeing the photos again and again? What are professional makeup artists for?????


Image Courtesy : Google Images


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Makeup Disasters

    • I don’t think anyone would have ever laughed at you Sherin. We do makeup just to look good. They do makeup to be clicked and stand out in the crowd. So they try sometimes wrong things or end up layering makeup. We are not in constant media attention so we don’t need such heavy makeup 🙂

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