InColor eyeshadow – Violet

Mwwwwwwwaahhhh…. Flipkart! I love flipkart! (Dancing Dancing). Why? I got this eyeshadow from flipkart only! I have never heard of this brand before. I bought it just because the price was really less and the color attracted me. Moreover I read good review about their eyeshadow in some other blog. I was eagerly waiting and as usual flipkart delivered the product lightning fast.

When I opened the cover so impatiently, I was astonished. The pan was upside down. There was a mirror on the bottom! The packing looks super but so different from other brands. For a long time I was wondering how to open it and tried to press the cap open and pull it up. I was so angry. Then I found it was a slide open lid!!!! With the quantity and price I never expected such an attractive little thing reaching my hands so soon…

Incolor Eyeshadow – Violet

Price : 160 INR for 4.5g I got it for 136 INR from Shelf life is mentioned as 3 yrs.

The mirror at the bottom


The slide open attached lid


Here it is close look


It’s a baked eyeshadow which comes in a plastic pan. The pan has transparent lid as you saw in the photos, we can easily identify the shade without opening the lid. However, the pan doesn’t feel sturdy for me. It didn’t break, but just an intuition.

Without Flash


Without flash the eyeshadow looks really dark like my L’oreal Burning Black eyeshadow but the color is a vibrant violet.

With flash

The eyeshadow has a shimmery finish though it doesn’t look OTT. I just loved the pigmentation. In one touch a lot of color came on my finger.

Just one touch – on my finger


There’s no fall out. There’s very minimal creasing only and staying power is superb. Anyhow, I use always primer before my makeup since I have excessively oily eye lids and eyeshadows fade soon on my lids. Also, I stay out for work for around 10 hours a day so there’s no question for washing my face and re-applying the makeup again. This eyeshadow stays for around 6-7 hours on my lids. But I have to see how they will behave without a primer. The shade is not a good choice for day wear due to the shimmer. But it makes a very good party and night wear.

Swatch with flash


Swatch without flash


The above swatches are not over a primer. So you can see how much color payoff the eyeshadow gives in one single swipe. It’s unbelievably good for the price we pay. Just a crazy thought, I applied it on my cheeks to see how it looks. There I got a really healthy and beautiful glow without any OTT look. The below pictures will show you that I am not bluffing. Just that you have to make sure that you don’t over do it. I just had a single swipe using a blush brush and it really looked beautiful.

On my cheeks without flash


On my cheeks with flash


So here I go ooooh la la about this eyeshadow not leaving the cons of course!

What I love

  • Price is really less for the quantity and quality. Most of the brands offer their baked eyeshadows for higher price than normal ones.
  • The packing is attractive and travel friendly
  • The shade is really beautiful
  • The pigmentation is awesome
  • Staying power is superb.
  • Minimal creasing and fading
  • No fall out
  • The multiple usage as blush(but it’s shade specific since you cannot use green or blue for this!)
  • Comes with a mirror
  • The unusual slide opening lid

What I don’t love

  • The availability of this brand. I have seen it only on flipkart
  • There is no ingredients list of company details specified on the pan.
  • The packing though attractive, doesn’t feel strong. I have a feeling that it may break soon.
  • Though mirror is given with the product, there’s no applicator.

Will I purchase again??

I have already added the shade Salmon to my shopping cart. I am just waiting the right time to check it out! I will give this eyeshadow a rating of 4.5/5!










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