Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Addictive Magenta

Have you watched the movie Ladies Vs Rickie Behl? I watched it thrice already. But last time when I watched, something clicked to me. Do you remember the scene in which Anushka Sharma’s character receiving a flower bouquet from Rickie Behl? In that scene Anushka’s makeup striked me. It was a simple kohled eyes(but well done) with fuchsia lips. I immediately wanted to buy one fuchsia lipstick. I felt that it’s really a very attractive look. I searched for an inexpensive lipstick since I was not sure whether this look suits me or not. I finally settled for Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick in Addictive Magenta which costs just 250 INR for 4.2g.

So again the flipkart guy coming to my house and handing over to me this pack(To be honest, I don’t like the box they use for packing. So boring!) Anyways thinking about the beautiful little thing which is inside the box I was so excited. Myexcitement was not wrong.  I loved the product despite the few cons it has.

The lipstick comes in a bulky cylindrical twist up tube and lid. The packing is nothing great. I feel that it’s easily breakable too. But one good thing is that we can see the lipstick shade without having to open the cap since it’s transparent at the top and bottom.

The lipstick pack

The top

The bottom

I wonder why the Colorbar lipsticks come without their trademark silver paper packing. This comes just in a transparent plastick cover. The shade name is printed on the bottom on the tube.

The shade name

I forgot what is the life of this lipstick. I guess it’s 2 yrs like a usual lipstick life time. This shade comes closer to what I had in my mind. It’s the “Rani” color my mother-in-law says about. She had bought me one lehenga in this color for my wedding. The shade is really awesome and completely bowled me over.This lipstick is really pretty and I found it a bit harder compared to other moisturizing lipsticks.

The lipstick

I swatched it first on my hand. It feels slightly hard, if you have used Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks and Lakme Nine to Five range of lipsticks, this doesn’t have that creamier texture. But in a single swipe it gives a decent pigmentation. Basically, you have to apply a good lipbalm under this,else your lips will be dried. And this will not apply evenly on dry lips.

Swatch on my hand

Now I have applied it on my lips to show you how it looks. It’s just a single swipe and I forgot to apply lipbalm below it. So don’t get misled by the picture. It applies well on well moisturized lips.

On my lips in single swipe

Now coming to the color, this color is a special one which goes only with certain shades of outfits. It goes well with white, cream, navy or black colored outfits. Also, the key is to keep rest of the makeup simple while using this shade on the lips. Else you will create traffic jam on the road! Ha ha ha. Think of a deep black smokey eye with fuchsia lips. It will really look OTT.

Another good thing I find about colorbar lipsticks is really their staying power. If you have applied the shade well on your lips, it stays for the whole day even if you drink or eat in between. There will be of course, some amount of fading but the color remains.

So finally my conclusion goes here.

The pros 

  • Good strikingly pretty shade
  • Very good price and quantity
  • Easily available
  • Good pigmentation
  • Staying power is really high

The cons

  • The packing is boring and bulky.
  • No ingredients list mentioned
  • No creamy texture you should  apply a lip balm on the lips before applying this lipstick.

I will give this a rating of 4/5 despite the cons.

Will I purchase this again?

Well, I am not sure, because I don’t think it will get over ever since I won’t be using this lipstick on a daily basis since the color is really not a neutral one which goes with all my outfits. Also, the quantity is good and the pigmentation and texture makes it really lasts for a long time!

Note : Anushka was not wearing this same shade in the movie. It was a lighter shade, more like a  pink shade. May be from some brands like MAC 🙂


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