Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I was using my homemade makeup remover posted HERE. I wanted to order Colorbar Velvet matte lipstick in Peach Crush and it was available only in The lipstick costed 250 INR and they would charge 50 INR for delivery. I got a call from Medplusbeauty customer care before I checked out the order. The executive told that I can order something else and make the purchase worth 400 INR and get delivery free. I was confused first whether to buy something for 150 INR more or pay 50INR delivery charge. Finally I decided to try out Maybelline Makeup remover which costs 199 INR.

Maybelline Makeup Remover

It is ophthalmologically and dermetologically tested. It means that it should be safe for sensitive skin and for eyes.

It comes in a cute transparent plastic bottle which contains a clear liquid and we can see a blue color oil layer on top of it. The ingredients list is shown on the backside of the bottle.

Ingredients list

I don’t know whether I am missing this or it’s not there. I don’t see the price, net quantity or shelf life of the product anywhere on the bottle. Since I bought it from the site I know it costs 199 INR per bottle. But there’s no clue about the quantity and shelf life. The bottle has a screw cap and we can turn it open. The dispenser is a small hole on the top(sorry for not including pictures).

It is indicated that we should shake the bottle well before using. I decided to do an experiment with this for the post.

I swatched Bourjois duochrome eye pencil in blue and Colorbar I-glide pencil in black out on my arm. Bourjois pencil is not smudge free or waterproof whereas I-glide pencil is both smudge free and waterproof.

The two eyeliners

Now shaking the bottle well, I put 2-3 drops of the makeup remover on a cotton ball. The liquid doesn’t have any smell or color. It comes in the consistency of water.

Cotton ball with the makeup remover

I wiped the bourjois pencil swatch once and it removed most of the color.Still not completely.

One swipe on Bourjois pencil swatch

In another swipe, it got removed fully.

Two swipes on Bourjois swatch

On I-glide pencil swatch, a single swipe didn’t do much job.

single swipe on I-glide pencil swatch

But 2-3 swipes more removed it fully.

Both swatches removed fully

Now I tried the makeup remover on lipsticks. I chose Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in Totally Toffee which has less staying power and Colorbar Velvet matte lipstick in Peach Crush which has better staying power.

With single swipe Totally Toffee was gone!

Single swipe on Totally Toffee

A single swipe on Peach Crush also removed the swatch fully but little bit of the color was left on my arm.

Single swipe on Peach Crush

With another swipe the color was fully removed.

Removed fully

So my final words about Maybelline Eye and Lip makeup remover.

The good

  • Removes both water proof and non-water proof makeup.
  • No smell
  • Easily available
  • Inexpensive
  • No irritation caused on lips or eyes since it’s dermetologicaly and ophthalmologicaly tested
  • Ingredients list mentioned
  • Packing is attractive and travel friendly

The bad

  • The price, shelf life and quantity not mentioned on the bottle
  • Though it removes the makeup, it requires more effort to remove waterproof eye makeup.
  • My homemade makeup remover works as good as this one so I don’t find it a must for makeup lovers

Rating is 3.5/5

Will I purchase again?

I am not sure since the same job is done by baby oil which is always available in my house. But if I am travelling, I can easily carry this one but for removing waterproof makeup it takes some effort.


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

  1. i used biotique oil based remover and once it got over i got my self Johnson and Johnson baby oil and it works well… 🙂 as u said, it might b useful for ppl who travels frequently and who cannot carry oil with them..

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