DIY Treatment for Soft Hands


Our hands take the worst by being subjected to all kinds of surfaces smooth and rough, germs, harsh hand-washes,   sanitizers,  soaps, dish washing liquid and what not throughout the day. Our hands show signs of aging quite fast so it is really important to take care of your hands along with your face. This is a two-step treatment for getting soft hands. Do this at least once a week. There is no need to do the scrub everyday. Just do the honey hand mask and get pampered! 🙂

Step One


You need-Superfine/castor sugar, any oil, rosewater, essential oil (optional).

Mix one tablespoon sugar with few drops of any oil and rosewater  and mix well till it becomes wet sand-like consistency. You can also add any essential oil if you like. Use only superfine sugar or castor sugar because the large grains will just scratch your hand and cause pain. Wash and clean hands but let it be damp. Apply this scrub and scrub gently for 2-3 minutes. Do not put too much pressure because the sugar is quite abrasive and will do the job. Wash hands well and dry on soft towel. If you want you can put any lotion/cream or else go to step two.

Step Two

Hand Soak

You need-Warm water, honey, cornflour.

Take a bowl of warm water. Add one tablespoon honey to it. Add two teaspoons cornflour to it.  Add lavender essential oil if you want for relaxing hand soak. Immerse your hands in this hand soak for about 10-15 minutes. Dry  hands in soft towel and voila! Soft hands. You can apply lotion/cream/oil at this point and do slight finger massage. Go to sleep and wake up to softy hands.

Do try this tip and let me know.. Share other tips friends….

Stay happy and beautiful! 🙂


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