Faces Sparkle Dust in the shade Sand – Review and Swatch

I bought the Faces sparkle dust in the shade Sand without any expectations. The SA told me that it’s a multipurpose product which can be used as highlighter for face makeup and as an eyeshadow also. I didn’t find the shade name on the jar but got it from some websites referring to the shade.


Price 349 Rs for 3.5g. The shelf life is 3 yrs. The packing is quite attractive. It comes in a sturdy tiny transparent glass jar with a black color plastic cap. There’s no applicator or brush with this. The shade is seen from outside the jar so there’s no need to open it just to see the color.



The shade is beige which looks like champagne gold when swatched. The dust is quite light and easy to be blended. But to my dismay, there is some fallout while applying.Also, you have to be very careful while applying since the brush may pick up too much of the product because of it’s loose nature compared to that of eyeshadows. It feels like silk on the skin and applies easily blending like dream.


The shade looks much lighter than what you see in the jar. It has high pigmentation and has velvety texture. It has shimmer which makes it good as a highlighter. I don’t think it will be appropriate for the day time makeup.

I have used it as an eyeshadow and it stays on my lids for a decent 4-5 hours with some fading. However, with the use of a primer the staying power increases for 1-2 hours more. As a face highlighter it may fade within 3-4 hours.

On my eyes as eyeshadow:

 IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1098


On my cheeks as highlighter:



The pros of Faces Sparkle Dust in Sand:

  1. The product serves multipurpose.
  2. The pigmentation is superb
  3. The price is affordable
  4. The texture is smooth and velvety which makes blending easily
  5. The staying power is decent
  6. There is no creasing noticed
  7. Easily available at almost all departmental stores which stores cosmetics and makeup

The cons of Faces Sparkle Dust in Sand:

  1. There is no applicator with the product
  2. Fall out of the product
  3. Since the packing comes as a jar we have to be careful so that the brush doesn’t pick up too much product
  4. It is not waterproof

I will give this product a rating of  4/5.

Will I purchase this again?

Well, I think I may buy this again. I am happy with this product but the fall out and messy application is something which bothers me. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful product.

Awaiting your reviews to know what you think about my product review.




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