Faces Canada Go Chick Lipstick – Rich Lilac

As I already told in my previous posts I am smitten by blue pink lipsticks. I don’t wish to experiment with high end brands so one obvious option was Faces Go Chick lipstick. I have already reviewed the shade Candy Floss, now I wanted to go for another shade in this range since it’s really inexpensive. The next shade I picked up is 216- Rich Lilac .

The packing is nothing so great. It comes in a black paper cover and the lipstick holder is also black in color. It’s not transparent so we have to open the cap to see the shade inside. Price is really affordable Rs. 199 for 4.5g. It has a shelf life of 3yrs. The key ingredients of the lipstick is printed on the cover itself.

The holder for the lipstick resembles Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick.

 The shade name is printed on the outer cover as well as on the bottom of the lipstick holder.

The shade looks like pink. It has strong blue undertones.

It is not completely matte in finish unlike Candy Floss. It contains little bit of shimmer though it is not too visible.

The lipstick is not very creamy. Neither is very hard to apply. But it requires good moisturizing of the lips so that it will apply evenly.The pigmentation is medium. It can be layered to get desired color. But what irritates me is it’s smell. It has a candy like smell which irritates me. If you wear this lipstick and drink or eat something you feel that the smell has come inside your mouth too. It is not mild. Though it’s not a medicinal smell I strongly dislike this smell.

Now comes the staying power. It’s just like Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks with poor staying power. If you have any meals or drinks it fades quickly. Else, it stays for maximum 2-3 hours.However, I didn’t notice it setting into the fine lines. It doesn’t bleed too. The shade is not exactly lilac nor it’s pink. It’s somewhere in between.

The pros

  1. Easily available
  2. Price is really affordable
  3. Shade is good for medium to fair skin tones
  4. The pigmentation is decent. Layering can build up color(I don’t know whether this is actually a con. But for this shade, this pigmentation is suitable, I feel.)


The cons

  1. The strong smell which irritates my nose
  2. Transfers easily
  3. Staying power is less
  4. May not be suitable for very pigmented lips and people with dark complexion

I will give this a rating of 3.5/5

Will I purchase this again?

Well, I am doubtful. Though it’s pretty affordable and easily available. I am not satisfied with this shade like the way I was with Candy Floss. So I don’t think I will opt for this next time.


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