My Lipsticks – Swatch Fest!

Hi beauties,


I am upset by a series of events for the past two days, there are so many people around you who are really stupid who don’t understand a thing when told in a positive way and have huge ego older than them! And then my baby sitter got fever and was there in this particular hospital who charged me a fortune for all the unwanted tests! It has  caused a large hole in my pocket and mind. Anyways, to cheer up myself I decided to do a post to make my heart light.


I am smitten by bright lipsticks these days. I noticed that I don’t own a single maroon or red lipstick. And all my lipsticks are from budget buys to medium range. I have mostly shades of pink. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


My Lipstick Collection

My lipsticks


My most lipsticks are from maybelline and Colorbar because of their price and the wide range of shades they have.


My Maybelline lipsticks 



From left: Make Me Pink, Warm Me Up and Yummy Plummy


Price : 299 INR


The best thing is the wide range of shades you can choose from. They have decent color pay off but staying power is less for about 2 hours. You need to reapply it many times if you want to wear them for long time.

They are really creamy and glides smoothly while applying.


Make Me Pink : Blue toned pink.  Comes in the Pink Family of Colorsensational Lipsticks

Warm Me Up :  Brown toned Pink. Comes in the Brown Family

Yummy Plummy : It comes in the purple family.It is a medium purple-plum shade


The swatches:

From left : Make Me Pink, Warm Me Up and Yummy Plummy



My Colorbar Lipsticks

I have 3 Colorbar lipsticks, two from Velvet Matte range and one from Creme Touch range.



From top: Velvet Matte Peach Crush, Velvet Matte Addictive Magenta and Creme Touch Passionate


Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks Price: Rs.250 for 4.5g

Creme Touch Lipstick Price Rs. 450 for 4.5g


Peach Crush : It’s kind of peachish, reddish orange

Addictive Magenta : It’s magenta or deep fuchsia shade, which has blue tones in it

Both Velvet Matte lipsticks are a bit hard to apply, without a lip balm but staying power and pigmentation is excellent. It stays for around 5-6 hours, with some amount of fading if you have any meals in between.

Passionate : It has all good qualities like high pigmentation, easy application with creamy finish and high staying power.It can stay on your lips for around 6-7 hours even if you have meals in between. What I love about this is it’s color. It’s  a neon peachy pink shade which alone brights up the face.




From left : Addictive Magenta, Peach Crush and Passionate



My Avon Lipstick

This is a brand which has never impressed me except for their  Super Shock Mascara. I have only one lipstick from Avon simply pretty range. I bought it because I got it for around Rs.140 for 1.8g and I found that it’s not  even worth that money.

Avon Simply Pretty Dewy Lip Tint in Dewy Rose



I am really disappointed with this one. It` doesn’t apply evenly and breaks while application. Transfers easily and has less staying power. Pigmentation is nothing to mention about. It’s a rosy pink shade which is good for daily wear.


My Lakme lipstick


I have only one lakme lipstick from their Nine to Five range. It’s the shade Apricot Nectar which I saw in Corallista makeup blog and got hooked. It has high pigmentation and creamy finish which sets to matte after a few minutes. Pigmentation is good but staying power is as low as Maybelline lipsticks. It has a choco fragrance but it doesn’t irritate the nose. Price is on higher side Rs.550 for 4.2g The shade is a peach brown one and is really good for day wear.

Apricot Nectar


The swatches


From left :Avon Dewy Rose and Lakme Apricot Nectar



My Faces Canada lipsticks

I have two from their Go Chick range. The price is really less Rs.199 for 4.5g

From top: Rich Lilac and Candy Floss


Their shades are really awesome. But the staying power and pigmentation are nothing great. However, we can build up the color by layering them.

Rich Lilac : A mauve shade with a purple tint.

Candy Floss : A neutral pink shade.

Both these lipsticks may not be suitable for all skin tones. Rich lilac may not look good on pigmented lips as well as for dark skin tones and Candy floss may look completely washed out for pale skin tones.






From bottom : Candy Floss and Rich Lilac

The only problem with Faces Canada Go chick lipsticks that bothers me is their strong smell. I hate it. When I drink or eat something with these lipsticks on the smell comes on to my food too! Apart from that they are comparable to Maybelline lipsticks.


Hope you liked my post. Please let me know how you liked it.








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