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InColor eyeshadow – Violet

Mwwwwwwwaahhhh…. Flipkart! I love flipkart! (Dancing Dancing). Why? I got this eyeshadow from flipkart only! I have never heard of this brand before. I bought it just because the price was really less and the color attracted me. Moreover I read good review about their eyeshadow in some other blog. I was eagerly waiting and … Continue reading

Faces Glam On Blush – Peach Glow

Hi my beautiful friends, One of my friend had scolded me for cramming all my blushes in just one post. She thought it was a careless one, and she was right. So I thought of reviewing my favourite among all the four blushes that I have. Faces Glam on Blush is a cream blush which … Continue reading