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Beauty Myths – True Facts

We all believe in some beauty routine. Are they really beneficial? Here are some beliefs we beauty lovers have. Let’s see how far they are from the truth. Facial is good for skin My salon expert will kill me for writing this. But since we all shell out lot of money on spa treatments and … Continue reading

How To Blow Dry Easily and Maintain It

Hi everybody 🙂 I would like to give a video here that shows how to blow dry hair at home easily. Indian hair is different in that it takes more time to dry generally and is more frizzy. This is a simple beginner’s video. All it takes is some hair clips/bands, heat protector and a … Continue reading

Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil Review

It was actually my mom who started using this oil which had rave reviews all around Kerala, the first time it came into the market. Later I started using it. When I moved out of Kerala, I started using Parachute refined hair oil but occasionally I used to get this one from Kerala and use … Continue reading