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DIY Treatment for Soft Hands

  Our hands take the worst by being subjected to all kinds of surfaces smooth and rough, germs, harsh hand-washes,   sanitizers,  soaps, dish washing liquid and what not throughout the day. Our hands show signs of aging quite fast so it is really important to take care of your hands along with your face. This is a … Continue reading

Beauty Myths – True Facts

We all believe in some beauty routine. Are they really beneficial? Here are some beliefs we beauty lovers have. Let’s see how far they are from the truth. Facial is good for skin My salon expert will kill me for writing this. But since we all shell out lot of money on spa treatments and … Continue reading

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel Review

sI found recently the importance of  sunscreen lotions in our daily routine in some beauty and health blog. I was using Lotus sunscreen lotion for sometime but since it used to make my skin oily I stopped using it. Now I didn’t want to try out anything common in the market. Instead, I decided to … Continue reading