Faces Canada Go Chick Lipstick Candy Floss

I have been obsessed with pink lipsticks for the past few months. I am more inclined towards pinks with blue  undertones but I liked other shades of pink too. When I read lot of positive comments about Faces Go Chick lipsticks I myself wanted to try out so obviously I went for the pink shade. Though the SA showed me many shades I got hooked onto this shade Candy Floss.

The packing is quite ordinary and it resembles Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. It comes in black paper cover which is missing from my cupboard. So I couldn’t include it in the pictures. Sorry 😦 The holder is quite sturdy and I didn’t have the problem of the cap getting opened while I carry it in my bag somewhere.


The pink shade is a nude pink which doesn’t have any blue undertones. Still I liked it very much. It looks like a peach pink which is good for neutral lips look. However I think too fair complexioned people may look completely washed out if they use it without prominent eye makeup. I don’t think it will show well on dark complexion too. I have medium to fair complexion so the shade shows well on my lips.


The pigmentation is good while we swatch this lipstick but on my pigmented lips I have to layer it so that the shade shows well. It’s very creamy and doesn’t have any shimmer or frosty finish. It sets to matte after a few minutes. It may set into fine lines but I have not noticed it yet since this shade is really a neutral one and the setting is not noticeable. It transfers easily due to it’s creamy texture. It fades quickly if you have any meals in between.




This is how it looks on my lips after 3-4 swipes.


The staying power is not very good. It stays maximum for 2-3 hours after which I have to reapply it.





Will I buy it again?

Well, I love the shade. I didn’t get a similar shade in any brands which comes for the same price. So I may buy it again. This shade suits me really well.

I will give this lipstick a rating of 4/5. One point is reduced for the staying power. Other cons are specific to the skin tone of the person wearing it.


Well, please let me know how you liked my review.





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