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DIY Treatment for Soft Hands

  Our hands take the worst by being subjected to all kinds of surfaces smooth and rough, germs, harsh hand-washes,   sanitizers,  soaps, dish washing liquid and what not throughout the day. Our hands show signs of aging quite fast so it is really important to take care of your hands along with your face. This is a … Continue reading

Lazy Girl’s Beauty Guide

To all lazy gals out there… Some quick tips for you all  🙂 Scrub and Cleanser:  Save one tablespoon of your oats porridge. Spread on face, scrub for 2 minutes and wash off. Clean, soft skin. Do not use instant oats/flavored oats etc. Green Tea toner:  If you love to have green tea everyday, save … Continue reading

DIY – Home Made Makeup Remover

Hi Friends, Soon after posting my eyeshadow base I thought about adding another post in DIY. It’s really an efficient product, so why to waste money on a synthetic makeup remover? You can do it by yourself without wasting money. Again, to be honest I got this recipe also from another blog but when I tried … Continue reading

DIY – Home made Eyeshadow Base

I have experienced many times fading away of eyeshadows on my oily lids within a few hours of application. I was planning to buy an eyeshadow base to give long lasting effect for my eyeshadows. Just then I stumbled upon this recipe on another beauty blog and decided to try it out. The main reason … Continue reading