Diana of London Protouch Concealer Review

I recently finished my Chambor Radiant Touch Up concealer which I used almost daily for covering up the dark circles around the eyes. So I was badly in need of another one since I have very prominent dark circles. My first choice was Colorbar Instant cover up in Almond Coffee. I swatched the same in the shop and felt that it’s kind of dry. If not moisturized properly it may cause the skin to be dry. The SA showed me Diana of London Protouch concealer which is actually a liquid concealer.

The concealer

The price is 395 INR for 8ml. The SA told me that the shelf life is 5 yrs but I think it’s a bit exaggerated. Like other concealers, I assume this also has a life of 2-3 yrs only. I selected and bought the shade 01 which is a light ivory beige with yellow undertones.

The shade

The expiry period and complete ingredients list is missing on the container. The jar comes with a screw cap with an applicator. The applicator has a really soft tip like the one we see in lip glosses.

The applicator

My take on the product:

The SA had claimed that this is a waterproof concealer but I have doubts on that. I am not sure. I noticed that it is not at all patchy or dry after applying and is very easy to blend. It doesn’t set into fine lines and stays for a good 4-5 hours without primer. With primer it lasts for the whole day, ie, about 7-8 hours. The only problem I faced is that since I have very prominent dark circles it doesn’t give heavy coverage. If I apply more than one swatch then it gives me a whitecast or the dark circle looks greyish. It just lightens the under eye area and reduces the intensity of my dark circle which is fine for me. If you want a heavy coverage, then you may not like this product.

The swatch

Blended, you can see the difference in the color where I applied the concealer.

So concluding my experience and thoughts here:

What I liked about this concealer?

  • Doesn’t cause the skin to be dry
  • Doesn’t set into fine lines
  • Staying power is decent
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an applicator compared to the jars where you have to dig in your finger into the whole product.
  • Five shades are available so one can get a shade which matches her skin tone more than in many other brands only three shades are available.

What I didn’t like about this concealer?

  • Not good for heavy coverage
  • The brand may not be available everywhere
  • No expiry period mentioned
  • No ingredients list mentioned

I will give this a rating of 3.7/5.

Will I purchase it again?

Depending on the intensity of my dark circles, I think I need one concealer which I can use for heavy coverage. But this one I can use for daily makeup where I don’t use heavy makeup. But I will have to consider many other brands next time.



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